Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Are Republicans Beginning To Get It?

I actually like John Boehner when he gets mad.  He just doesn't do it often enough when he's dealing with the ultra conservative wing of his party. You know, the ones who refuse to vote for their own party position if it isn't exactly what they want.

They reared their ugly heads yesterday before the details of the new budget were known nor the ink dried.  Oh, the main stream, old guard Republicans caved they said.  It's another big step backwards.  You know, I wish they'd just go away.  Their methods cost the party far more than they are worth.

Okay.  The budget agreement isn't perfect.  The big thing is that an agreement was reached and it's not all bad.  Well, they didn't address all the major issues.  You'd think they'd learn that tackling all issues in one fell swoop can be disastrous.  Look at Obamacare.  Look at Ted Cruz's attempt to defund  Obamacare.  A big bite by both parties that didn't work for either.

John Boehner called these influencers ridiculous.  I'd use stronger language.  But this ilk of the Republican party are tough nuts to crack.  They are doing the very thing they accuse the President of doing - not bending.  Their way or the highway but disastrously within their own party.

At least Boehner realizes that even a small deal is better than no deal and that the country has no appetite for another government closure nail biter.  We have enough to contend with without that added anxiety yet again.  Consider the economy is making some small inroads toward improvement.  With a year long deal businesses can at least plan for that period of time rather than three months and hold your breath.

They've eased up on some of the more damaging areas of the sequester by allowing discretionary cuts rather than across the board.  This is especially advantageous for the military.  And no new taxes.  Isn't that the Republican mantra?

If just once they'd say, "Good job guys." But no.  It's always negative and divisive. Keep an eye on those who vote against this deal and keep it in mind when the elections come along.  If you're going to vote for an ideologue try voting for one who's ideology is 'country first, political ambitions second'.

While you're at it keep reminded what sort of legislation you get with nothing but partisan, ideological support.  It's called Obamacare.  Smaller bites are far more easy to chew and digest.  Gulps provide nothing but heartburn.

This budget bill is small to be sure.  But chew on it for awhile.  It may not taste so bad after all.


Word Tosser said...

working together.. what a concept.. there is hope yet..

Margie's Musings said...

Obamacare, huh?

They said the same things about Social Security and later on even Medicare. Yet where would we be without either of them?