Thursday, December 19, 2013

Here's to You A&E! Braaaak!

Why, oh why,  does everything have to become an issue?  Duck Dynasty is meant to be entertainment, pure and simple.  And that's what it is.  Simple. Goofy. Redneck. Entertaining.

A show that has propelled a family to fame and fortune because they produced a great duck call.  Man, if that isn't living the American dream, what is?

With that fame and fortune come things that aren't quite so innocent.  A magazine interview becomes an expose on politically incorrect thinking which is seized upon by extremists for a cause - that everyone must view them as they view themselves.  Acceptable. Well, tough.  Not everyone feels the same.

So who are these bearded wonders?  I don't know. A family of Louisiana Rednecks who make no apology for who they are nor should they.  Certainly not to a cable channel that programs questionable content all the time if you choose to look at it that way.

It reminds me of the Paula Deen flap over having used the "n" word 30 some years ago.  Who growing up in the same environment didn't?  In this case you have a family deeply steeped in the teachings of the bible.  They don't fool around with other women.  They're a tight family unit.  They care for their kids and each other. They end their programs gathered around a table and thank the Lord for their blessings.

That the patriarch doesn't see homosexuality as normal,  but as a sin along with other oddities such as bestiality shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Why did it even have to come up in an interview?  These people are not and don't pretend to be the social arbiters of the nation or even of their fans.  They're just having fun and making oodles of money while they're at it.

If you find them offensive watch something else. For heaven's sake don't suspend one of them for having voiced an opinion after having been asked.  You might as well bench all of them because they probably all think the same thing.  And so do many who watch them.  What are you going to do to the fans?

Watch it or not.  I do and I will even knowing, gasp, how Phil thinks. Stuff your duck with political correctness and let the rest of us enjoy the show for what it is.  Entertainment.  Pure and simple.  And clean.  And reverent toward the big duck hunter in the sky who they have to thank for their success. We could do a whole lot worse.


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I don't care what they say because I don't watch such idiocy. I have a terrible time finding anything to watch on TV anymore. I certainly won't watch that show regardless of what they say. TV programming has gone to the dogs.