Monday, December 23, 2013

Symbolism At Its Worst

What's the point?  I admit I didn't expect Obama to sign up for the ACA and he didn't disappoint me though he'd have you believe otherwise. He did tell us he was going to do so knowing full well he wasn't.  Just what did he sign up for?

He didn't go through the long wait, his staffers did.  And you can be sure none of his sensitive information was shared with the site anyway.  But what did they actually do?  Other than log on to the site?  So why the charade?

He gets his health care through the military as commander in chief.  He will continue to do so.

The gesture was an empty one which has become the norm with this President.  In fact the whole law is an empty gesture at this point since he has changed it so many times.

What's the point of passing legislation, even bad legislation with the support of only one party, if the President can continually change it on a whim without consulting Congress?  When is it no longer the law that was passed therefore null and void? With all the exemptions and delays and tweaks does any one know what exactly it says anymore? I'll bet even the "Secretary" doesn't - if she ever did. The law suits will be coming.  Bet on it.

To me this is about as low as it can go.  This is the President's signature legislation and he won't even be enrolled in it.  Why?  Could he not drop the military coverage for the one of his own creation?  He can do what he wants - he has already shown that so my guess is he could. It's just another obfuscation.

I think it's an unconscionable slap in the face of every American citizen who is being forced to make changes they neither need nor want while he goes blithly on his way untouched by it. 

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