Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Of Facebook, Fans And Winning

Playoff Sunday in Seattle and San Francisco was certainly a surprise.  When a trash talking player gets more press than post game disturbances, it's a refreshing change of pace.  Dare I hope fans are finding visits to the emergency room or the pokey just aren't worth it and doesn't help the home team one bit?

Maybe.  Probably not.  Let's see what happens after the Super Bowl.  That being said, it's nice to see an intense rivalry like Seattle and San Fransisco have an upside.  And leave it to those  who spend more time on Facebook than in the stadium to bring it about!

Pranks between these rivals have been pretty tame and pretty funny.  An example is when the Seahawk fans bought a personalized brick for the new Niner stadium.  Then to fly a 'go Seahawks' banner above Candlestick. In response Niners fans decided to raise money to taunt the Hawks on their own reader board with a sign bearing the image of San Francisco's Super Bowl fruitfulness. Again, pretty funny.

What makes it really great, however, is that the folks who pulled this together decided they'd  donate any funds over and above the cost of the sign to Seattle Children's Hospital.  How cool is that?  They had decided since that's where the prank was played, that's where excess funds should go.

Not to be outdone, Seahawk fans decided to return the favor and began "Hawk Fans for UCSF Children's Hospital" which has wound up pulling in fans from both teams.

As fans know the Seahawks won in a game that wasn't decided until the very end.  It's the way championship games are supposed to be even though the loss probably hurts less of it's a blowout.  But the Hawks weren't the only winners.  Sick kids in both cities won and perhaps will grow up to understand the real meaning of sportsmanship, be it a player, coach or fan.

Forget the trash talk from an over wrought player.  Remember these great fans. The Hawks may have their 12th man, but the kids have a whole lot more. They've got the fans of two great teams!

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