Friday, January 03, 2014

The Legal Devil Is In The Details

The headline screams Illegal immigrant gets California lawyer license!  Federal law says wait just a minute.  No can do! Unless the state passes a law allowing it.  So California did just that.

The problem is that unless you read the details you might be siding with the Feds.  But not so fast.  It's their fault the young lawyer is still illegal, not his.

Sergio Garcia came here as a teen to work in the almond groves with his father who was a permanent legal resident. The elder Garcia then filed for an immigration visa for his son but due to the backlog of such visas for Mexicans, Garcia's was overlooked and he never got a visa number.  At the time his father applied for the young mans visa,  Garcia applied for citizenship and is but has yet to be so granted.  This all began back in 1984.  1984!  During that time he graduated from high school, attended two colleges plus California Northern School of Law getting his degree in 2009 and passing the bar the same year.

Still the fight ensues.  Granted there are a lot of details left out of this story, but from what I can read, it seems the inefficiency of the Federal Bureaucracy is far more to blame for his illegal status than he is.  Effort has obviously been made on both his part and the part of  his father to do things properly.

It makes you wonder how many more similar cases are hanging out there.  Maybe there wouldn't be so many 'illegals' if the bureaucrats got their act together, reviewed and probably simplified their procedures and followed up in a far more timely manner when discrepancies are brought to their attention.

If they are over worked bet that it's inefficiency.  Almost daily, if you look beyond the front page, there will be similar stories pointing out the failures of bloated governmental departments unable to handle their work loads.  Mostly because of management that isn't chosen for ability nearly as much as loyalty.

We need scholars to come to this country and stay.  If it's a skill or profession that's sorely needed nationality shouldn't matter.  If the 'illegal ' loves this country as much as Mr. Garcia seems to and wants to stay and serve it's people, his being denied for our own government's inability to get it right is  dismal.

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Word Tosser said...

You can only imagine what it will or would be like if... and when they tell all the illegals, they can now join us... but show up at your local federal building.. talk about a mess.. and how long before they get their legal papers?