Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Trouble With Reality Shows

The trouble with reality show is that they bear no resemblance of reality as I know it.  Right down to and including the current hit Duck Dynasty.

As with all like it, the show is staged and the dialog written for gags.  Heck all you have to do is watch Jase's eyes as he reads from his teleprompter.  It's a hit, I think, because it so unreal.  I dug a bit deeper on patriarch Phil and found several articles that would suggest he would not qualify for father of the year.

Think about what role models Snookie and friends from Jersey Shore or any of the Kardasians are?  Do you really think they're real?  Or want your kids to think they're real?  Or want your kids to emulate any of them?

Does it take we old folks to set the trend on the right track?  I can see it now.  No, not the Floridians that were Obama boosters.  That too was staged.  But maybe our really old friends in senior communities.  Adult diapers to blue hair, walkers to oxygen masks. Depression, drool and disinfectant.  Not much of a subject for a TV show looking for ratings, but unfortunately for many too real.  Maybe it needs to be seen though.  Maybe those so inclined might not think body piercings and tatoos are so great when lip rings snag on dentures!

Oh my.  Could it get worse?  Sure.  What is real, especially if unpleasant, should never be exploited for ratings or the almighty dollar.  How do you explain then a show like My Strange Addiction that showcases a young woman who gets off on eating mattresses?

Not only does this girl have a mental problem, but also a physical one.  She obviously eats more than mattresses.  But to exploit this?  To showcase it?  The producers and advertisers are as sick as those showcased.  It isn't funny, it's pathetic.

If there is anything more so, it's how much we seem to enjoy it all.  The more bazaar the better.


 It's a far cry from my reality.  Mine's more the nuts and bolts type. Aging.  And all that goes along with it. Will I exploit it?  Not until the government denies me what I need to cope but then Katy bar the door!


Betty said...

Our blogs today look as though we planned them together. We have to stop that. LOL

Margie's Musings said...

Boy do I agree with you today, Mari.

"Reality" shows? I think not. I wonder what sort of people watch such trash?