Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Biding My Time

As a blogger there are times I feel like I'm just wishing away my life.  That's not the best idea at my age but I'll give myself a pass because the weather hasn't been conducive to get out and go.  But I am wishing away time until the elections become viable with real candidates running.

What has me stymied, since it's what I write about, is the political stalemate we're in.  No matter how much railing is done and it doesn't matter who's doing it, nothing seems to change.  Nor is it going to until after the congressional elections in November I fear.

One thing I'm sure about is the President isn't going to change his ways. He'll continue posturing, do his own thing when and as often as he can, and threaten the bad guys with "consequences".

We know how that goes.  So do the bad guys. So it's a push.  Ho hum, they say and go right on about their business.  Vlad looks like he may luck out with the Olympics.  So far the terrorists have been non-existent which isn't a surprise.  They delight in watching the world run around in little tight circles because of their chatter.  They really don't need to sacrifice their suicide bombers unless they really want to destroy people and property.  Chatter does just fine if all they want for the moment is to keep everyone a nervous wreck.

Congress is still the same.  Neither side is doing anything constructive.  Their attitudes toward each other remains belligerent much as mine has been toward them. If the Republicans would only say something.  Someone has to take the lead sometime before October!

The media, except for FOX, still protects the administration by the questions they don't ask.  The pundits on FOX, for the most part, still embarrass themselves by making it evident as to how little they know about how government works.  The likes of Hannity have all the answers they seem to think and try to force an agreement out of guests by shouting down opposing opinions. It scares me that he's threatening to run for office.  If enough of his fans beg hard enough.

I actually wished I had my camera last night as I watched a split screen discussion with the sound off.  Both men's mouths never stopped.  Maybe you had to be there but it went on for so long it was really funny.  And you know if anything was actually said you'd not know what even with the sound on!  So much for trying to stay informed by watching anything on the tube.

So here I sit.  I've lambasted just about everything I can think of.  Without anything new to latch on to I'm really stuck.

So what am I to do?  My accomplishments so far this year are meager at best.  I've had three shots in my back and a forth upcoming next week.  I've so many steroids in me I'm thinking of going to spring training and seeing if a team might pick me up.  Oh, yeah,  I've got another dandy scar from another basal cell removal.  The self absorbing stitches are coming out through my cheek instead of dissolving.  Makes for curious mirror time.

Gosh, when my physical ailments interest me more than the world at present, I know I've got an attitude problem. Okay, another senseless synopsis for a lack of content here.  Maybe I'll go get some tweezers and have at those stitches!

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Word Tosser said...

Some days are like that.. and another snow storm doesn't help.. hang in there .. spring is coming.. and what is the saying Hope springs internal?