Monday, February 17, 2014

What Happens When The U.S. Abdicates

It's not a pretty picture out there.  Our Secretary of State, while emitting 10s of thousands of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, is flitting around the world lecturing nations about the state of climate change, saying that doubters are akin to flat worlders.  Nothing like insulting them

Then I wonder how long it's going to take him to realize, forget the idealism, diplomacy isn't working anywhere.  The Palestinians have told him to go pound sand.  Aid to Syrian civilians suffering in Homs has been cut off once again.

Polio is still ravaging Pakistan due to aid workers being killed. Couples are still being stoned to death when accused of adultery. The Ayatollah in Iran says out of one side of his mouth he has no objections to the negotiations regarding his nuclear program and out the other says they aren't going to go anywhere anyway.

Worst of all perhaps is the North Koreans eradicating it's own people by bringing back those who have fled to China and if pregnant inducing an abortion and finishing the job by the child by drowning or merely suffocating the infant. And our best connection to the country is Dennis Rodman.

Meanwhile back on the home front the President is using the privilage of Presidential fiat to an alarming degree for the most dubious of reasons.  Health care, immigration, gay marriage, pot to name a few.

Congress has structured itself into a non-functioning body.  The leader of the Senate keeps legislation at bay by not bringing anything to the floor for a vote.  The House Republicans remains divided and the Democrats aren't far behind.  You hear nary a word from the Republican leaders in either branch.

It's a pretty sorry scenario. I would really like to see both parties vote out their current leadership.  And as Brian Schweitzer, former governor of Montana, has suggested, it would be nice to have a Presidential cycle without a Clinton or a Bush in the mix.

With the number of states discussing the possibility of seceding, this is what I could envision.  All the states who want to be allowed to do so.  Among those who did so because they still believe in our Constitution and a government of, by and for the people, go out and form a new nation.  One that would the the antithesis of the more perfect union Barack Obama claimed to espouse but has failed dismally to deliver.

That just might lift my spirits.  As is I find myself tending to lift the wrong kind!

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