Thursday, March 13, 2014

A New Dogwalk Strategy ~ Shhhh!

Every day I scour the papers for news with a different slant.  I do the same with the media, the pundits and the politicians.  Then there are the blogs which never change tone because the authors are too wed to an ideology.

Some sites are devoted to conversation.  All they really consist of are conversations among several rather than the opinion of one.  Seldom if ever are solutions offered.  Just like the politicians, the pundits and the media.

You know the world has gone haywire when even the Democrats can't figure out what Obamacare is at this point and the world cannot find a Boeing 777 which is nearly the size of a football field. It seems our capabilities across the board are, at the very least, in a state of flux.

I've long been frustrated by the fact that the media reports only what it wants, politicians don't listen to the people and the administration is living in a parallel universe driven by polls.  Actually they are all driven by polls.

So, my Dogwalk solution for the week is that we all keep our mouths shut.  The pundits don't opine on their shows, the media reports absolutely nothing, we bloggers and Facebook types and Twitterers take a holiday from our keyboards and the pollsters take a hike.

If no one says a word, what would happen?  In my world, we'd have to think for ourselves.  And even better so would the politicians.  If they don't have the polls to tell them what to think they'll have to do it for themselves.  Then we can weigh in.  Just the people.  Not the media who claim to either represent how we think, nor the pundits who try to sway us to their side nor the pollsters who skew their questions to suit whoever has commissioned the poll.

Wouldn't that be something?  To turn on the tube and have nothing but a blank screen. Turn on the computer and find all your favorite sites have no content?  I can hear the gurgling now of a world wide brain drain.

Then we'd find out if there are any left in the world who can think well enough to keep from going down the drain themselves or if like political lemmings, they are all on a one way path to oblivion.

I don't think there's a plumbers snake in the world large enough to clear the ensuing clog! Talking until we're blue in the face hasn't worked.  Let's try zipping it!

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