Friday, March 28, 2014

For The Birds - You Should All Enjoy Threatened Status Because You Are

This is a Lesser Prairie Chicken, a bird native to parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico.  The Feds have just designated it as threatened.

I have no problem with that at all though species disappear all the time and new ones appear.  To recognize that, however, is not politically expedient.

See, I think all birds and even bats should be considered threatened because we're the ones killing them in droves.

These particular birds  have major habitat in potential oil fields so it stands to reason this is why their disappearing. So says the government anyway. It has nothing to do with the fact this administration is against any fossil fuel.  But it's not the only reason.  It's drought.  Severe drought which is not man made nor made by energy companies.

On the other hand, you hear little from government sources about how many birds are being slaughtered by what they deem to be the energy of the future.  Wind farms and solar fields.  What a way to go.  Starve because there is no food or water.  Get your head lopped off from flying into the blades on wind turbines or get fried by the heat generated by solar panels.  Oh, yeah,  don't forget all those who get sucked into jet engines!

All man made except for the drought but I'm sure somehow or other that will be blamed on President Bush and the Republicans.  Boy, that would be ironic.  Bush, a former oil man!

For all you feathered friends, I wish I had millions of acres I could groom into the specific habitats you need.  Unfortunately I only have a shy five acres but you're welcome to nest or rest here.  The birds we do have live a pretty good life.  Those who don't survive don't because of natural selection.  The hawks do like quail for dinner now and then but everyone is pretty savvy as to how to avoid the times when its less than safe.

Heaven forbid any government entity should come around. Then none of them will be safe. Every once in a while I see one of those turbines pop up.  I wish people would raise as much of a fuss about their unsightliness as they do about cell towers!  Which aren't safe either.

If these generators of energy are the wave of the future, don't they owe it to the birds to make them safe before inundating acre upon acre with them?

We need to make the safety of birds a political agenda, an ideology even.  That is the only sure way to save them.  Too bad.

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