Thursday, March 27, 2014

Obamacare - Dumb And Dumber

Sometimes the irony of this of the administration' s actions really gives me a good laugh.  Most recent is Harry Reid telling the world we're too dumb to know how to use the internet, thus the reason why so few are signing up for Obamacare.

Now I will admit I'm not very tech savvy.  There is more stuff on my computer than I'll ever learn to use.  My "smart" phone is so much smarter than I am I haven't mastered it either.  And probably won't.

So I'm not insulted when someone tells me I'm too dumb to use technology to it's fullest.  But then I'm not signing up for health care either.  Being on medicare, I'm pretty much taken care of.  For now.  Knock wood.

What strikes me as so funny is that the age group who the administration so desperately needs are the most tech savvy generation we've ever had!  Talk about insulting a whole generation!  Of course a lot of the TV ads directed at these young people are equally insulting.

But there's ole dingy Harry telling them they're too dumb. Funny.  They don't seem so dumb to me.  They know enough that they're being played for suckers.  That they're expected to pay for the older and less well all because they're young and healthy!

Yep.  Dumb enough to take a wait and see attitude because the web site is still not finished.  Wait and see because the President keeps changing the requirements.  Wait and see what the Supreme Court is going to do. Wait and see if the law, such as it is, will even survive.

Of course they may well be older and more infirm by then.  They'll still wait and see if those coming behind them will have a wait and see attitude. With a little bit of luck ole Harry will have faded away and the government will be functioning in a meaningful way once again.

We'll just have to wait and see exactly who was really dumb!


Lee Wallace said...

Really? Are you seriously suggesting that young people remain uninsured because their premiums pay for medical treatment for older people, while in the same breath praising Medicare? How does the irony escape you?

Mari Meehan said...

One of us really missed the mark here. I'm not praising medicare. I'm saying that because I have it I don't have to go throught the sign up hassle others are going through.

I'm not suggesting young people should not sign up for any reason, especially the one you stated.

The point is I find it ironic that the people needed to make the ACA work are the ones being accused of being too dumb to use the web. The most tech savvy people in the country being so accused by perhaps the least.

How does that escape you?