Tuesday, March 18, 2014

There's The West And There's Obama's West

Our upcoming trip couldn't have come at a better time.  We're headed for Great Falls, Montana to the Charles M. Russell western art extravaganza.  Some of the best western and wild life art in the country, among other genres, will be presented in a variety of venues.  Much is for sale outright, as much if not more is up for auction to benefit a variety of causes, the main one being the Russell museum.

It takes me back to the days when men were men, women were just as tough and youngsters had respect.  In a lot of cases, that view still holds true in parts of the west.  Perhaps mainly in Montana where people are few and spaces are vast and beautiful.

I may have singled out Montana because that's where Hub grew up.  He has many of those characteristics as did his family.  They're tough.  All of them.  That they consider me one of theirs is a compliment of the highest kind.

I go in anticipation of being able to chat with jean and boot clad artists who rarely show ego.  Real people who portray real people, portray them with a passion that brings their paintings to life.

This comes at a time when I'm embarrassed for our nation.  For our oh so cool leader who is clueless, vain and arrogant. Those men of the old west would not have shared with him the time of day.  Perhaps it's why there are so many "Impeach Obama" signs to be seen in peoples yards.

This is a part of the country to which Obama and his administration couldn't begin to relate. They don't speak the same language.  It's more foreign to the administration than Spanish.  But it's music to my ears.

Hopefully by the time we return we will not have ceded all the Balkan countries to Russia, Obama will quit changing the rules of his health plan and the vanished jet liner will become a foot note rather than non-stop and in many cases ridiculous speculation 24/7.  What am I thinking?  We won't be gone that long!

What I do expect, though, is for our fearless leaders to keep moseying along pretending they know what they're doing and hoping we don't notice that they don't.  Some things, however, are pretty hard to miss!

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