Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Get While The Getting's Good!

"Throw them all out," has been a refrain from voters for some time.  Especially as the Congress becomes more and more dysfunctional.  Apparently some have heard the call and have chosen to depart before taking one more chance with the voters.

In some respects it cheers my heart.  In others I'm sad.  Some really good people are leaving. I guess it's like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Currently 48 members of the House and Senate have made known their intentions to leave their seats before the November elections.  The number includes 26 Republicans and 22 Democrats. The rest that should move on are in the hands of the voters.

As I look over the names I see some who have more than served their time, like 30 terms in the House.  That's 60 years.  I wonder when that Congressman last had a fresh idea.  Others have had 2 or 3 terms and hope to move on to the Senate.  Some even are leaving to try for a governorship.  Good move.  They'll learn how to actually govern.

I suspect the rest are leaving for one of two reason.  They know they're on shakey ground and don't want to face the humiliation of losing.  Or, as are we, they're just plain tired of how business is done in Washington and have had enough.

Ideally we'll have a workable mix after the elections.  A combination of experienced members who truly want to change the way business is conducted and put country first.  A group of newcomers who feel the same about the country.  Country before party.  Maybe even there could be challenges to the leadership in both the House and Senate.

Maybe Speaker John Boehner is a better leader than I think he is.  It just seems to me he hasn't provided a very strong voice for the Republicans.  The same goes for Mitch McConnell in the Senate.  Neither have been the squeaky wheel on issue differences. Boehner has been in the House for 20 years, McConnell in the Senate for 30.

As for the Democrats, what can I say?  She won't, but I think Nancy Pelosi should consider retiring.  Some of what she says is so wacky that I wonder if she's getting senile.  Again, the same holds true for Harry Reid.  Unfortunately that siren, power, maintains a strong grip on both of them. Reid has been in the Senate for 51 years, Pelosi in the House for 25.

Time for some fresh faces, ideas and new blood? You bet!

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Word Tosser said...

Sadly we are held captured by the ones that other states vote in.. such as Reid and Pelosi.... as other states send people who louse it up for all of us.