Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Bundy Bungle

Ah, shades of the old west.  The good guys versus the bad guys.  Only this time the good guys wear both white hats and black and camo as do the villains.

The problem with the story about the ranchers as good guys versus the Feds as bad guys, it's wrong.  The ranchers are the ones breaking the law.  If you doubt me, it's well documented in this article on Breitbart.

Mr. Bundy does in fact owe the Feds a backlog of grazing fees and no matter how unjust or how much he doesn't want to believe the land belongs to the Feds, it does.

The complications arise with the involvement of Dingy Harry Reid and his cohorts being in cahoots with the Chinese who want to build a solar farm near by and possibly expand the enterprise onto the land used by the Bundy's sometime in the future.

As repugnant as Harry Reid is and as questionable as his character and actions are,  no one has as of now found any illegalities in what he's doing.

It's hard to look past him because of his nature and his history.  There is nothing likable nor sympathetic about him, but then the citizens of Nevada keep him in office.

Everyone is sympathetic with the Bundys.  Everyone responds to the innocence of the old west, cattle grazing peacefully on open range as far as the eye can see.  No one sympathizes with the Feds with guns drawn and tasers at the ready awkwardly trying to round up cattle.  Who's in charge of public relations here?  Obviously the Feds.  They're not very good at it.

Reid is correct.  This is not yet over.  Regardless of the disservice being performed by all the FOX entities by ignoring the facts of the case and trying to lionize the Bundys, the fact remains, a backlog of grazing fees are due the government.

If it's to end peacefully, I'd suggest Mr. Bundy pony up those fees then work to change the status of the land through legal channels.  The Reids do not own the entire justice system though with this administration they have the upper hand. They won't always and providing a path for change will take time anyway.

I believe Mr. Bundy is well intended and the Feds are acting like the bullies they portray so well. Still, nothing is gained by refusing to see the errors of their ways and getting their backs up against an unbeatable force.  Better to be smart about it.  This is one time where brains just might prevail over brawn.  One can hope so.  Yee Ha!

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Word Tosser said...

I was kind of leaning towards Bunty and how the Feds were manhandling the case.. UNTIL. . I heard he had 1.1 million dollars of back fees..Grazing fees have been a fact of life for a very long time.. and my question was.. 1.1 MILLION DOLLARS? in back fees.. how long is that? how long has he not paid? how long does it take to rack up 1.1 MILLION dollars of fee's. If it is a long time, why did they wait so long.. and what about lien against his ranch if that is so? Once again the Feds have left the area red faced.. And why Nevada keeps Reid is beyond me.. but I am sure they wonder why we keep Simpson too.