Monday, May 12, 2014

A Bull Dog For Benghazi

Mother's Day has just passed.  There are four mothers out there somewhere who did not receive greetings from their sons.  They're dead.  Killed in Benghazi during a terrorist attack.  No one seems to know exactly why.  Those mothers and the families of those men do want to know why.  That is why there will and should be one more investigation into the incident.

The Democrats can call it a stunt all they want.  Everything is known, they say.  After all there have already been four investigations.  It shows just one more short coming of how our government functions.  The four committees, jealous of their territorial sovereignty I suppose, didn't share the information they got with one another.  Never-the-less, we know none of them got answers to a lot of questions.  So let's try one more time.

I don't know a lot about Trey Gowdy other than what I've seen on television, but I do like what I've seen.  He seems to be a straight shooter.  Enough so it makes me wonder why he's in Congress.  But thank goodness he is.  He would seem to have the ability to ask the right questions and demand the answers without grand standing nor allowing his committee to do so.

It seems to me the Democrats are the ones actually doing the stunt.  If the administration had been honest from the get go this would all be over and done with by now.  But they weren't and a member of the admin at the time has her eye on the Presidency.  That makes it important.

What else?  The fact that we've been lied too over and over again for political expedience.  That's important because that puts in question everything we're told and are supposed to accept at face value.  I don't think so.

It's important because a promise was made to find and punish the perpetrators.  That was not kept.  As  goes the lying so go the promises.

There comes a time that politics must take second place to honesty and truth.  We've seen very little if any from this administration.  However, the only way this one last committee to succeed is for it's members to behave as investigators seeking the truth rather than politicians.  It's time for the Democrats to get on board; they too should want to know the truth.  And the Republicans have to quit being stupid and nix things like the fund raising stunt that surfaced.  That is a stunt.  Plain and simple.

Mr. Gowdy, a lot of us are depending on you to do a Herculean job and ferret out the truth once and for all. Especially the Mothers - and the others those men left behind.


Betty said...

Yeah, I'd like to see some honesty and truth, too. Like all that honesty and truth we got from George W. and his happy henchmen, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

I'd also like to hear some truth-telling from the media, such as the fact that the head man at the embassy in Benghazi was offered more security and turned it down. It's time, I think for someone to admit that he was partially at fault for the lack of security.

Mari Meehan said...

As with most things, a story is never one-sided. This is a good example as to why an investigation is needed to clear the air one way or another. Hopefully the Republicans will make it a fair investigation or nothing will be gained.

Mari Meehan said...

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