Sunday, May 18, 2014

Do You Wonder Where Bizarrre National Politics Get Their Beginnings?

One can usually take pride when one of our more obscure western states starts making national headlines. And then there's Idaho.

I can't speak about the rest of the state but local politics, especially the local Republicans, are as dysfunctional a family as you can find.  It's so  screwed up Republicans are even changing party to have a chance at getting elected at which time they will promptly change back.  Win or lose I would guess.

The small town level such as here in Coeur d'Alene has always been a hot bed of discontent.  The once contentious mayor opted out this last go round.  The new mayor seems to have his head on straight and most of the citizenry behind him though it's early in his term.  Very early.  There are a lot of new city council members too. Again, it's too soon to make a judgement call.

The next step up the ladder are the county commissioners who are keeping the tradition of beening less than they could be.  The Human Resource department seems to have little to do because departments opt to do their own thing.  They do, however, oversee people being paid pretty healthy sums to not work. Not unlike Washington D.C. is it?

Now comes the state level where the Republican governor is up for re-election.  Remember the Republicans run everything here.  It explains why there are so many Independents! The gubernatorial debate was something to behold.  When it goes viral on You Tube and Greg Gutfeld gets hold of it for his program Red Eye you know it is cringe time.  Idaho?  I'm not from Idaho!

We have a biker, a curmudgeon, a cowboy (the incumbent) and a "regular guy" running.  Actually the cowboy seems to be the only sane one of the bunch.  That's being damned with faint praise I assure you.  The rest are living in Fantasy Land.

State government is much the same.  I won't go into the background of some of the more colorful members for fear of getting sued.  Suffice it to say they want to eliminate the 17th amendment and return to the less than successful practice of having the legislature choose our Senators. Lordy!

None of this should come as a surprise though.  It wasn't that long ago when our Senator at the time claimed having a "wide stance" was the reason an undercover agent mistook his actions in an airport mens room.

All things considered, we know the folks in Washington aren't the best we can do. They apparently aren't the worst either.  Those folks are still waiting in the wings!  Here. In Idaho.  I'd love to hear matching stories.

On second thought, no I wouldn't.  I'd hate to think this is the new normal in national politics!

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