Thursday, May 01, 2014


Even though it isn't yet time for all Hillary all the time, I've been thinking about her a lot lately.  I'm wondering how she's going to run.

Forget her health and all the negatives and say she gets the nomination. Can she, as vaunted, as she is really win?  Or are the voters so sick of this administration they'll vote for a Republican no matter what?  Or just stay home?

I worry about that because that would really open the door for her.  Another thing I worry about a lot is the inability, or unwillingness, of the Republicans to quit squabbling and put together something of substance on which to run.

Sure, individuals do but they can't seem to form a coalition.  Then too they've become scandal prone of late, something they can ill afford.

Back to Hillary.  If the Republicans can come up with a viable candidate, can that candidate be beaten by another personality.   We've got one now and it hasn't worked out too well.  Would she break ranks with the President and run on a less progressive platform? The progressives have been trying for years to have it their way.  In this President they do even though many of them don't think he's far enough left. Thank heaven for small favors!

What has become apparent is that their grand philosophies haven't helped the country but hurt it.  Of course a President who doesn't have any convictions and refuses to govern doesn't help their cause.

Too, I wonder if Hillary can re-establish our stature in the eyes of the world.  Can she rejuvenate our economy? Can she create the jobs still needed?  Can she make the ACA palatable and affordable?  Would she rid us of over regulation?  Would she reform the tax code? If so then I ask how she would plan to do so.

Will she work with instead of against Congress? Of course that depends on whether or not we have a Congress worth working with!  Does she care more about the welfare of the country than her own fame and fortune?

One other point bothers me.  She has no experience governing.  We have one of those in office now.  Dare we chance another?

I dare to say no.

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Word Tosser said...

This is going to be some election in 2016... here we are 2 years away..actually one when you consider the start of the mess we call an election.. As I don't see any candidate on either side worthy.. and the ones in the middle scare the bejeese out of me. I can't get behind Hillary. So many holes there... all words, no real action. On the other side.. lots of hot air.. so full of themselves.. only one I kind of even had thoughts of, was Christie and he has feet of clay.. No, this is going to be a scary run. In the meantime we have the Congress changing and shifting this year. I have gotten the idea of scrapping the whole bunch for 4 years.. send them all home.. after all we have a do nothing but harm Congress and higher up now. It would be nice to have a lull for now... not really a good idea..because someone needs to be in charged.. but we don't have much right now.