Tuesday, May 20, 2014

LeBoutiller Beat Me To The Punch

Sometimes the answer to a problem can be so simplistic it is overlooked just for that reason.

Such is the case of the current V.A. mess.  And leave it to a Republican to have come up with the idea.

You've  heard that Congress gets Cadillac health care via subsidized premiums. It's such a simple and obvious fix it will never happen - apply it to the veterans.  John LeBoutillier suggested it during a discussion with the Political Insiders on the FOX Report Weekend. I listen to that segment of the program just to hear what these seasoned Washington insiders have to say about current politics.  Former Republican Congressman LeBoutillier is joined by Democrats Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell.  All have problems with the ways and means of the current administration and Congress and all have been on the inside long enough to know of which they speak.  The difference between these seasoned men and todays crop is that they care about country first.

As for the Veterans mess LeBoutillier suggested doing away with the VA in its entirety.  Issue every discharged service man and woman the same insurance card issued to Congress. It is honored everywhere in the world.

Think about it.  The convenience angle for the vets improves by not having to travel long distances to hospitals.  They would have access to any and all physicians.  The doctors and nurses and other medical staff would be absorbed by other hospitals.  Hospital chains could buy the existing real estate.

Only the bureaucrats would be left high and dry and well they should be.  After all they're the ones cooking the books on wait lists and under working staff by so doing! Haven't we been saying government is too big?  Here's a way to eliminate a whole Department - pay raises, bonuses and all.

I'm sure the idea could use some tweaking but on the surface it makes a whole lot of sense.  That's why it will never see the light of day.  Unless you join with me and contact your Congressional representatives and tell them to have a look at the idea.  I'm sure Mr. LeBoutillier would be more than happy to answer any questions they may have.

Darn!  This should have been a Dogwalk solution!  Simplistic rules!  At least in this case it should.


Betty said...

I agree completely. (For a change.lol)

Mari Meehan said...

I'm either slipping or evolving! I'll take it as a positive anyway. ; )

marlu said...

What Betty said!!! So sensible, they'll never do it.
We owe the veterans much more than they have been getting - for years.