Sunday, May 04, 2014

Too Much Attitude, Dude

So how old is this kid?  Tommy Vietor.  To my old eyes he doesn't look like he's old enough to shave but I'd guess he's probably in his mid thirties or so.

He thinks he's hip.  His brother is President of CBS and he used to work in the White House.  That means he can talk to anyone anyway he wants.  Or so it seems.

Yep.  He's the one who addressed Bret Baier as "Dude" in an interview regarding the Benghazi talking points.  "Dude, Benghazi was like two years ago" is the exact quote.

Had I ever addressed any one in that manner my Mother would have washed my mouth out with soap. Even if I had been in my mid thirties or so. That was several generations ago. That was when we were taught respect.

He brushed it off on an interview on MSNBC by saying, "I guess you're supposed to speak the Queen's English on FOX." FOX and any place else you're being interviewed, hot shot.  Your manner of speaking and demeanor is a reflection not only of yourself but of the administration and the President you served.

I guess some will say it was mild compared to the way some in Congress talk of one another. And some might say it's the way young people talk these days.  Maybe college kids.  Certainly not young professionals. But there was no profanity.  Just snarky contempt of the man who was interviewing him.

I'll bet in his off hours he wears a ball cap in restaurants too.  You know, respect is a two way street.  And it has to be earned. Maybe it's why people in countries who do speak the Queen's English have so little for us these days.

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