Monday, June 30, 2014


Obama is on the verge of stealing the march on the Republicans on immigration.  The argument has been whether it should be one immense overhaul or done in increments.

We know the administration's track record on immense overhauls isn't very good.  We also know that the administration has quit enforcing laws already on the books which is partially responsible for the influx of children on our southern border. In other words a problem of Obama's own making.

You have to admit the President can be crafty.  In a fit of pique which is pretty normal for him, he's warned Congress he's going to make changes by executive order.  Take people posted inland and move them to the border to spiff up enforcement. Why he hasn't done this a long time ago begs to be questioned.

No matter.  He's saying he's going to do it now.  He might actually get away with it and emerge the hero if he doesn't overstep as he is wont to do.

So where are the Republicans?  They haven't passed one bill on immigration reform.  Boehner won't bring one to the floor.  Shades of Harry Reid in the Senate.  If he's worried about the Tea Party he can move on now.  The primaries are over.  But nary a word.  Of course between now and the election the House won't be in session long enough to do much of anything for which we can be grateful.

The don't have to do much though.  Pass one bill, say strengthening the southern border as Obama intends.  Send it to the Senate and see what happens.  Then they've at least done something.

Now that the primaries are over and the Tea Party threat has subsided to a degree, it would be nice to see the Republicans begin to form a cohesive unit.  The President is going to do what he wants  regardless, but they would do a lot to convince me they are worth fighting for if they gave me an option. On a whole slew of issues, not just immigration, but so far I have nothing but a blank slate.

As of now they're no more than empty suits earning substantial salaries with cushy benefits for doing little more than cowering behind empty rhetoric. They are nearly as impotent on domestic issues as Obama is on foreign ones.  That's no compliment for either side.


marlu said...

I don't know if we can believe anything we hear on the news but I heard the former Pres. G.W. Bush signed the law that let the children arriving here stay until they could be returned. I would imagine they had no idea they would come in such large numbers.
What is the law the Pres. Obama is not enforcing that called this?
Such a mess.
Many years ago I was acquainted with a student from a foreign country. Every month she was required to report to the post office to verify her location (a university)

Mari Meehan said...

For starters he had the border patrol back off from picking them up, processing them and deporting them. Somehow the central American governments got the idea he was going to approve amnesty, which is one of the big hangups in the effort to reform the system. People started sending their children, often through the use of coyotes (smugglers of people), thinking they would be allowed to stay and probably hoping they would be allowed to come since their kids were here.

Your friend was no doubt here legally but now days we have no mechanism to find people if they over stay their visas. We don't know where they go or if and when they leave. It is a mess.

I don't know about the Bush thing but that was at least 6 years ago if even true.

marlu said...

I hadn't heard that about the border patrol not picking them up. Now the kids just wait for the patrol to pick them up. Earlier I thought adults tried to run from them.

marlu said...

Did a little research on Google and found a (liberal) site:

Still could be slanted but half true?

Mari Meehan said...

Very interesting! Of course nothing like this is to be easily found in the mainstream media and I write on what is readily available. The mainstream media may be liberal but the truth is the truth and should be reported.