Sunday, June 08, 2014

Kids Should Not Be Used As Political Pawns

It has long been rumored that the lax border security is being perpetuated so as many potential Democratic voters as possible get into the country.  The theory being that once the President gives them amnesty they will be so grateful they will of course vote Democratic.

This begs a question.  Just being here "legally" does not give one the right to vote or is automatic citizenship to be part of the deal?

That brings me to the current influx of children, being brought across the border illegally, that have so overwhelmed facilities in Texas they're being shipped to Arizona and onto other states.  I understand they are mostly South American and that their parents have allowed this to get them out of harms way.  I cannot comprehend conditions being such that I would turn my children over to strangers and ship them to a foreign land in hope they'll be cared for.  This is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

So what happens now?  They cannot be held in detention facilities forever or is allowing their parents to follow next on the agenda?  As soon as amnesty is guaranteed no doubt. Do they have their coyotes lined up?  In the meantime who is going to care for them, feed and clothe the kids?  The U.S. tax payer of course.

More importantly who is going to nurture them and teach them?  They've already started their young lives by being forced to break laws.  Maybe they don't comprehend that just yet.  What happens though when those kids want their Mom or Dad?  How do you explain it to them?

This can't possibly be a way of garnering votes for the future can it? If so it's insane.  Instead of lolling around his wife's estate in France perhaps Secretary of State Kerry should be in South America addressing this problem.

Somehow it sticks in my craw that we can trade 5 known terrorist leaders away yet allow these abandoned children into our country to basically fend for themselves.  Watch for the formation of gangs where they'll band together for one another with a common language and need.  Watch out for increased crime as they become adults and cannot find work other than menial labor - if that.

The land of opportunity?  The administration has a skewed vision of it if they even believe it.  It is questionable.  My vision of it? It disappeared when this administration was returned to office for a second term. 

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