Friday, June 13, 2014

Sacrifice Wasted

Along with a path of destruction are the beheaded bodies of civilians and soldiers of what was once Iraq.  Within a week I'll wager it will either belong to Iran if they get there in time, or ISIS, the Islamic extremists in pursuit of their Caliphate.

Our President has said he has asked his national security team for options to help what's left of the floundering government.  After options are determined he will decide which to follow.  There is no one in the world that believes he will take any action before it's too late.  It's already too late.  Iraq, as we've long known it, is gone.  Just as is Ukraine.

I am both angry and sad.  Sad for the civilian populations of both countries.  Angry at our government for having abdicated it's position of leadership and even more angry for the ultimate slap in the face the situation in Iraq is to the men and women of our military who sacrificed so much.

Every time I watch a plea for support for the Wounded Warriors organization I marvel at the strength and courage of not only the warriors but of their families, both left with a life forever changed.

The conflict was begun for all the wrong reasons and ended for the wrong reasons.  It was begun in a mass of bad intelligence and confusion over weapons of mass destruction muddled with regime change and revenge. There was nothing noble about any of it.

It was ended by cutting and running rather than exerting the necessary effort to win.  There is nothing noble about that either.  Neither are the American way - or what used to be the American way.

Then there are those warriors.  How many dead?  How many wounded beyond repair both physically and mentally?  Multiplied by the irreparable harm done to the families.

For what?  Politics, misplaced ideology and under informed egos.  Yet go they did because they were honor bound to do so.  They fought even when they knew the best advice wasn't being heeded.  They fought and continue to do so in yet another country while a deserter's family is feted by the commander in chief. What reason is there in any of this?

What reason to sacrifice one more of our soldiers for the beheading, child kidnapping happy extremists?  The time to protect our interests in that region of the world has long passed. There aren't even any pieces left to pick up.

It's a call to future administrations to choose the most knowledgeable people possible for high level responsibility rather than political and personal cronies.  It's a call for our people to do the same in elections.  No more "cool".  No more giant personalities skating through life with a vacant sign where their brain should be.

We have two more years of this administration to endure.  It's bad enough our warriors have to watch their sacrifices nullified.  It's even worse they come home to find the America they chose to defend is also being nullified.

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