Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hannity's Histrionics

For a person who doesn't have much faith in the intellect of pundits, I wonder why I watch them so often.  I wonder even more why the cable outlets and networks that employ them don't take more care in who they hire.

Many of them get on crusades that bear no resemblance to reality.  Sean Hannity is one of the most prominent. The night before last  he was on his Bowe Bergdahl kick demanding to know why he was returned to active duty and incensed that none of Bergdahl's platoon members had yet been interviewed regarding his walking away from his post.

Do you suppose it's because the general in charge of the investigation hasn't gotten to that point? He ranted to the mother of a soldier who died while searching for Bergdahl wondering if she was incensed as he.

Both the platoon member he interviewed and the mother of the dead soldier hedged their answers.  Sometimes I wonder how they allow themselves to be sucked into interviews with those like Hannity.

According to retired general Robert Scales everything that has been done with Bergdahl has been according to the book.  The investigation is a totally different activity.

So why shouldn't Bergdahl be returned to duty?  He is still an active member of the military and as of now no charges have been filed.

Yes, there have been many accusations, differing opinions on what charges might be as well as appropriate punishment.  As far as I know even soldiers are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Alarmists like Hannity would do well to keep their mouths shut until the facts are known.  Speculation is a disservice to everyone, especially those who listen to such and take it as gospel. Trying to influence opinion out of ignorance is worse.

FOX moved his time slot once.  They might consider doing it again.  Like maybe off the air!

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