Friday, August 01, 2014

Hamas Doesn't Want Peace

The carnage in Gaza has made me wince and sorely tested my backing of Israel of late.  However, with all the cease fires violated by Hamas I've stayed strong.

I appreciate the fact that our Secretary of State is trying to do some good though he's chosen one more task at which he cannot succeed. Let's face it. Hamas does not want peace.

If you've been following the conflict you know it's in their charter to destroy the Israeli state.  Unfortunately for them and the people they hold in their grip Israel has a far superior war machine which they've not hesitated to use.

Today, however, seems to be the last straw.  With a 72 hour cease fire in hand in order to get the right mix of negotiators to Egypt, Hamas just could not contain themselves. They fired rockets, once more into Israel, killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped and Israeli officer. Yes, according to reports, four more Palestinians were killed.  They won't be the last.  On either side.

When you look back at history and realize the land which is now Israel was carved out of other territories by Europeans who didn't even live in the region the conflict is understandable.  This is probably the most graphic illustration of unintended consequences of good intentions.  You can understand the bitterness.  It seems the whole region is bitter and I don't see it changing in our lifetime. Hate has become a way of life.  How do you change it?  We can't.  And until and unless those involved realize the unending killing solves nothing it won't end.

Perhaps it's time to let them fight it out among themselves.  You say the odds aren't even?  Well, that's war.  Let's face it, we cannot get inside their heads to displace that bitterness and hate and trying seems to do no more than build resentment against us.  We have more than enough already.  We haven't yet learned how to defend our interests without antagonizing others.  It's called diplomacy which is an art foreign to those currently trying to practice it.  Scolding, dictating and empty threats don't cut it.

War is a horrible way to solve anything but when hatred runs so deep there is little else.  One can only say that the oxymoron of all this taking place in the land which is sacred to both sides makes me, at least, question just about everything about human nature as a whole and it's relation to cultural differences.

I'm no longer sure of what I believe any more.


marlu said...

As a famous philosopher, Jon Stewart said, "We arm both sides, so what do we expect?"

Word Tosser said...

I agree

Betty said...

Hatred seems to run pretty deep in this country, to, and I'm at a loss to understand it.The trend started before Obama took office, but it has really ratcheted up since then, and I can't help but blame widespread racism.