Thursday, August 07, 2014

Will Obama Do The Right Thing?

Whether or not Obama should take action to help 40,000 refugees from the horrors of ISIS should be a no brainer.  He should. For once he should be decisive and immediate.  Babies are already dying.  The elderly will soon follow and then every one else.  They are dying from thirst in 100+ degree days - and hunger. All for being other than radical Islamists.

The question is, will he?  I doubt it.  He'll ponder it to death.

From what military experts have been saying, in order to deliver humanitarian relief to these religious refugees, the first action must be eliminating the ISIS troops closest to their location.  Otherwise any humanitarian drop would likely be futile, with ISIS getting there first then killing any survivors anyway, photographing the carnage and posting it to You Tube.

We have some logistical problems, however.  With everyone in the region mad at us or discounting us, we have no place from which to launch a attack in a timely matter.  We're talking about days and hours.  Not weeks or months. Is there a way?  Of course their is. But we need to move on it NOW.

Where is the rest of the world?  Who knows.  With Hamas promising to resume their attacks on Israel if all their demands aren't meant and Russia ramping up their own sanctions against us, the rest of the world seems to be cowering with their tails between their legs.  Right there with us.

Once we would have taken the lead and the others would follow, but there is no leadership from any one any more.  It need not even be boots on the ground but rather air strikes. Take them out, drop the relief supplies then turn tail and run if that's what we're wont to do.  But do it!

For once in your Presidency do the right thing.  Do something other than entertain dictators and human rights violators in celebration at the White House!  Don't dither.  There isn't the time.

And don't use us as the reason to take no action.  We're tired of war.  We have no stomach for it.  Well, that wouldn't necessarily be true if the recent wars in which we have been engaged had been fought to win.  Not disengage leaving behind unhinged masses of haters of all others but themselves.

It's a sorry state in which the world finds itself. It's an even sorrier state in which the world finds our  President and his lack of leadership.  That's what I have no stomach for.


Betty said...

Well, you must be happy tonight. Pres. Obama has already begun dropping relief supplies and he has said that if ISIS doesn't back off, hew will order air strikes. But, I would bet money that you are still not satisfied. Right?

Word Tosser said...

according to the news brief at 6:30 tonight.. he is going to do that.. but one of the questions the Generals have.. is that the ISIS have air to plane missiles and how many of US planes will be shot down while delivering the goods, as they have to fly low to make the drop

Mari Meehan said...

Hate to disappoint you Betty. He did the right thing. I could address the rest of your comment but I won't.

Betty said...

Well, shucks. I don't get to needle you. lol

Mari Meehan said...

GIve it time Betty. This is but a fleeting moment!