Friday, September 05, 2014

Empty Promises Again?

It's time to get beyond words when it comes to the multitude of crises simutaneously playing out around the world.  But is it possible?  I really doubt it with the current administration.

Since getting home and trying to get caught up on the news, every show I've listened to has had a host ask a guest what needs to be down about Putin, ISIS, the border, etc.  To a person, if allowed by the host to answer, they have all had strong opinions as to what needs to be done.

Considering the shaky start the President had on ISIS alone he finally got it straight as the NATO conference wound up.  No doubt he was coached by Britain's David Cameron on what needed to be said.  Too bad he didn't also coach Obama on delivery though when he gets home Joe Biden can help.  He has shown what the passion should be.

Okay, so now the President has agreed that ISIS must be 'dismantled'.  I like Biden's response better, but at least he finally has said it.

So now what? We've heard all the fancy promises before.  The question is will there be any follow through.  Not in a timely manner, that's for sure.  Now they want to seek UN approval.  Why?  It's a stall from taking action.

In the meantime, like with Iran continuing to enrich, ISIS will keep on killing. There is a huge gap that needs closed, but how?  The generals and military personnel on the news programs have offered doable solutions.  NATO countries have agreed it has to be done.  So what's the problem?  There is still no strategy.  To have one will require a decision, something our President is loath to do. It's essential.  It's a question I ask of every politician during a campaign.  'What' is fine. 'How' is the crux of the situation.  You know.  Strategy.

Unless he quits acting like the petulant narcissist he is and starts acting like the leader of the free world the words spoken will be, as usual, meaningless. NATO members have never had to lead, therefore are not sure how to go about it.  Cameron is the best hope.  At least he is showing some true emotion, not merely mouthing words he doesn't believe.

Can and will he rise to the occasion?  Or will everything be dragged out until one of our countries really gets hit.  Will we be content to let obvious undeniable terrorism be written off as work place violence once again? After all, the two beheaded Americans were working journalists.

That mind set must be made to end. Waiting for elections two years away doesn't cut it. The problem is immediate. The question is who and how.   For those far wiser than this writer,  it's time  for the strategy of how we negate the reluctance get it done.

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