Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'd Like To See Ben Carson Run

I've been following Ben Carson for some time now.  I have a great deal of respect for him.  I would like him to get in the race for President..

Actually the Republicans could use a whole slate of Ben Carsons.  Why?  Because when he talks he actually says something, means what he says and knows what he's talking about.

What I really like about him is he's the least political, in manner, of any of the Presidential wannabes. While not the most dynamic of speakers, he begs you to listen by what he has to say. He's not afraid to address issues.  He's not afraid to criticize when criticism is due. He speaks common sense.  He readily admits he's not all knowing but seems willing to listen to a broad base of ideas, not just a close inner circle. He has ideas on how to get things done. And he loves our country, he doesn't disdain it.

Do I think he can win?  I don't.  Still, we really need him to prod those more likely to win to quit spinning and in lieu of that make them defend their stand or lack thereof.

I feel bad that I don't think he can win.  Hopefully my mind will be changed after the mid-terms are over and 2016 comes more into focus. Should he be able to win, however, he'll still find before him a mighty challenge.  A Congress so inured with their own way of doing things they'll be hard pressed to know how to follow a real leader.

That's where we come in.  Maybe there's not much hope for elections this year. The incumbents and unfortunately their challengers have yet to hear us. Perhaps we're not speaking clearly enough or they figure polls are meant to be manipulated.  However, if we nominate a strong candidate for President, a man like Carson, who is much more than a personality, perhaps better people will run for office knowing they'd have a leader of ability and integrity to follow.

That's where we come in, yes.  To find those people and encourage them to run.  For us.  For the country.  It's time.

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