Wednesday, September 03, 2014

It's A Mystery To Me

Knowing that while on vacation I'd be away from the constant inundation of dreary news I had hoped to come home with a modicum of refreshed clarity.  It was not to be.

Shortly before we left I watched an interview with a Muslim woman who was asked to explain the radical Islamic mindset.  Her reply made me stop and think.  In essence what she said is the radicals are more concerned with what life after death will be than life while living while westerners are more concerned with life before death.  In other words we live in the here and now; the radicals are looking ahead so nothing now has value unless it will enhance that after life.

That may be a little convoluted, but it helps me understand their complete disdain for life. Actually I think it's an excuse for barbaric behavior by bastardizing the true meaning of their "religion".

Now I'm wondering about the mindset of my peers as in western civilization if you will and ours in the U.S. in particular .

For instance why does the President think his rhetoric is so powerful all will fall in place once he has decreed it should?  Especially since such thinking has been proven faulty.

Why is his closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, one who has no national nor international expertise?

Why does he make promises he has no intention of fulfilling?  What is his mindset?

Why isn't Congress in Washington working on not only domestic issues but pushing the administration for a cohesive strategy for calming a warring world?  Why is the entire institution impotent in this time of great need?  Is it an issue of character of the modern day career bent politician?

Why do the Democrats march in lock step to ideology rather than working for the good of the country?

Why can't the Republicans find at least one voice behind which to rally? What is Congress' mindset?

Why do talking heads invite worthy guests to their shows then shout them down? Why do the guests agree to appear?  Whatever happened to objectivity over opinion?  They may love to hear themselves wax profound but those of us trying to gain insight of substance don't.

Does anyone else wonder about these things?  As we inch toward the fall elections I'll be watching to see who questions, who besmirches, who listens and most of all who thinks in an objective manner and has some concrete solutions for a myriad of issues.

My guess is I'm going to find the pickin's mighty slim.  Can the country afford more of the same?  In a simple word - no.

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