Sunday, September 21, 2014

Republican Senate?

For a time it seemed a sure thing.  The Senate would go Republican.  Now it isn't so sure.  Maybe.  Since no politician nor consultant speaks from only one side of their mouths I'm never quite sure if the woe is more political than truth.  Underdogs do better.

On the other hand, if it is true and the Democrats maintain control the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves.  Mostly because they don't listen to their constituents if they even hear them.  Nothing has changed since the discontent with the administration reached its peak.

There is still no cohesive voice, if any.   Rand Paul is doing his thing.  So is Ted Cruz along with the other mavericks.  The message however seems to be more of the what's wrong mode than the this is how we'll fix it mode.  To paraphrase, silence is not a strategy!

It was a sad day when political careers became more important to the office holders than the good of the country.  Nothing other than holding on to office seems to penetrate their consciousness. They personify the latest trend in Zombie movies.

I wonder if it really matters.  We have two very difficult years to navigate before we get a new administration.  If the Republicans do manage to win there still won't be much they can do because of the President's veto power. Unless they win by such a margin that they can over ride a veto.  Doubtful at best.  If they lose it will be more of the same with Harry Reid refusing to bring important issues to the floor for a vote to protect the Democratic ranks.

If this is the case I'll expect Obama to go full speed ahead with executive orders.  The only tool the Republicans have with which to fight is the purse.  Close it.  Put a lock on it.  But they won't.  The consequences might damage their chances in 2016.

It has been usual for a two term President to be followed by one of the opposite party due to party fatigue if nothing else. When that hasn't held true it's because of really bad candidates put forward by the opposition.  I think Romney would be a good President but he sure ran a terrible campaign.  I'm not at all sure McCain would have made a good President because he's pretty much a one trick pony.  Plus he chose a really poor running mate.  None of which made good sense; it had only to do with politics.

Still, I await November with anxious anticipation. No matter which way the election goes, it will tell me a lot about where the voting public is at a whole.  Apathetic? Naive? Frustrated or angry?  The last would be my preference.  If we want the country to be what it has been in the past, if we want it to be respected around the world and yes, even feared by our enemies, it is up to the voters.  The voters have to put the right people in office. If they don't nothing will change and the country will be ruled by the whim of Washington.

That would be end.  The new normal.  As we oldsters fade away this dysfunction is all that will be remembered. It will be the guiding principle. It will be the fatal blow to a once great nation.

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marlu said...

I wonder how to get the right sort of people to run? Who in their right mind would want to endure that office that is the object of so much hate. Having just walked "The Roosevelts," it does go back a long way in our history - the hate, that is.