Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Presidency - Who's Next?

You can already sense the tide turning even before the mid-terms.  What can be done has been done as far as campaigning is concerned even if Congress is going to take even more time off to do just that.

It matters a great deal as to which party will control both the House and Senate.  But more important is who will be the next President. It's crucial to the future of the nation.

So who are the choices? The Democrats are dutifully waiting to see what the Queen Bee decides.  The more we read about her and what she has written, listen to her and look at her, many of us are well reminded why bumper stickers in upstate New York, when she first ran for Senate, read "Not Hillary.  Not now.  Not ever." Twenty sixteen will not be the time for another personality.

The Republican side looks little better.  I have to say one thing, none of the potential candidates seem to agree with one another on much of anything. That's not very comforting.

You know who I keep coming back to?  Mitt Romney.  He's been on the tube a lot lately, campaigning for others we're told.  He is not running and has no intention to run.  Been there done that. Even so, he's a politician and politicians are so good at nuancing what they say.

Consider this, though.  He was right about so much during the debates where Obama so glibly put him down.  At times with the help of the moderator. Obama was so very wrong.

We want a president who understands the world stage.  We want a President who understands the economy.  We want a President who can see the big picture regarding our national woes, not just the ones that are politically attractive.  We want a President who knows how to manage; one who has actually had hands on experience.  Not text book theory.

That pretty much looks like Romney at the moment. The 'scandals' that surrounded him in 2012 have been rehashed ad naseam and proven to be unfounded.  Maybe we've matured to the point that  we realize no one person is going to be the end all for everyone  but will do his best to bring the Congress and the country together for the good of same.  Maybe we've matured enough to understand his religion is not akin to radical Islam.  Maybe we've matured enough to understand his success in life is a plus to be drawn upon rather than denigrated out of what, envy?

Who knows.  I know what he says. I rather hope he changes his mind, hires some new advisers and joins the fray. Will it take a coronation like Hillary would like? I would hope not, I would hope it would be because the country needs a man of his caliber, intellect, ability and innate patriotism.

He's tried twice before.  Would the third time be the charm?

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