Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This War Needs Cautious Assessment

Okay.  We're not even 24 hours into what we're finally calling a war.  That we've taken the action we have is good.  That Arab countries joined in is even better even though some of them flew but did not bomb. That we hit enough IS targets in the right places to have their leadership on the run rather than being able to dig in is probably best of all.

That being said, there are a few cautionary notes.  One, there is no Plan B that we know of.  And two, there are still no boots on the ground and the time line for those willing gives IS, along with its counterparts, time to regroup before having to face those who can rout them out.

We have also learned that there has been another al Qaeda affiliate, Khorasan, which apparently had plans for an imminent attack on us.  Where did they come from?  We're now told they've been around for some time.  Shouldn't we know about them or have they been brought to mind merely to give cover for our bombing strikes? Giving those strikes legitimacy because of plans and a group we knew nothing about.

It's the convolution that's frustrating. Knowing now that they do exist along with so many others that are like minded, to win the battle against the extremist mind set is going to take more than cheering one night of attacks.  We still don't know who all is in the coalition and what each has promised to do.  It's a political nightmare for all of them.

I think it important to remember part of what's at stake here and why we need to be wholly involved.  While it isn't our fight alone, someone has to lead it. And it's not just a fight against IS.  It's a fight against pure evil and for human decency.  It's in all against not only the worst of the worst like IS, but also the likes of Assad, Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Iranian Mullahs and all like minded dictators.

It's a fight to show them their inhumanity will not be tolerated by the rest of the world.  If only it were so.  If it were there  would be far less reluctance even without the strong leadership we used to provide. As it is each participant has to search their own conscience and proceed as cohesively as possible. Hopefully, one day, our leadership will return but it won't be soon and the world cannot wait.

Expect a few burps along the way while an incomplete strategy shakes out.  Hope the President allows himself to listen to those who know better than he what is necessary for victory. Micromanaging it will doom it.

Remember too, it isn't principled war we Americans are against, it's not being allowed to win those wars.   Don't under estimate our determination when the goal is just and coherent. We can and will win. It's what Americans do.


marlu said...

All these groups that are identified mean nothing - they are all of the same faith who think that non-believers need to die. That is what the world is up against.

Mari Meehan said...

You couldn't be more correct. The question is what is the world going to do about it, when and how?

marlu said...

The male member of our household has an answer but it will never happen from our perspective. We'll wait till the opposition has the capability and we'll be hit with the same thing we dropped on Japan.
Sorry to be in such a downer mood, but I really think we'll do nothing to stop them.

Betty said...

Mari, you keep making the assumption that just because you don't know what is being planned, there is nothing being planned. Patience. lol

Mari Meehan said...

Betty, I'm not even close to assuming that. I'm sure oodles of planning is being done. What concerns me is the President's habit of cherry picking the advice he is given - often for a less than desireable end.