Friday, September 19, 2014

We're Not The Only Ones Who Can Say No

I'm just back from our short hiatus and am sorry to say the smoke from the fires in Oregon and California had moved into Glacier obliterating all that fantastic scenery.

Other topics, however, seem to be perfectly clear. I only scanned the papers that I've missed but I see both Iraq and Iran have told us no.  We're not wanted and they have no interest in cooperating with us in the fight against ISIS.  And ISIS iss in their territory!

It's not because they love ISIS; it's because we aren't trusted.  Period.  I wonder how the President likes that N word.  He's far more used to using it than hearing it. I'd like to think it smarts but my guess is he is secretly happy and will view it as letting him off the hook.

And kudos to the French! While we bomb pick up trucks their first mission hit a logisitics depot.  Now that's hitting where it hurts and does some good.

I also see we continue to refuse weaponry to the Ukranians. I know I've got to read in some detail what the reasons are and what reactions have been before going much further.  I have one observation that troubles me though.  Countries are bothering less and less with diplomatic correctness. It's what happens when you shun your allies and are impotent against your enemies.

I feel sorry for who ever the next President will be.  Not only will he or she inherit an unbelievable mess, the task of rebuilding America will be daunting. Let's just make sure the people we send to Washington not only this fall but in 2016 actually want to face up to the job.  If not I suspect it should and will be a thankless undertaking.  We'll be solely responsible if all goes awry.

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