Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why Time Is Of The Essence

Yes.  There has been another beheading.  This time a French citizen by an al Qaeda splinter group in Algeria.  Why?  Because of France's part in the fight against IS.

These horrors are going to continue for several reasons I think.  One, no matter how many or who, they shock.  Which of course is the purpose. Two, the splinter groups want in on the glory of the actions so they'll play copy cat.

I cannot wonder how long it will be until some crack pot in this country gets the idea and decides to try it. Something like the way the recently well publicized Knockout Game is played. The Knockout Game, to refresh your memory is when a person attempts to knock out a random victim with one punch.  It doesn't matter if the victim is young or old, male or female, etc.  Just handy. The results have often been life threatening or worse for the victim and the perpetrator more often than not gets away. I fear someone or some group trying to make their mark might try the Beheading Game.

All that being gruesomely hashed out, let me move on.  Now that the President has progressed from pacifism to war, is there really still need to not have boots on the ground?  We already do anyway, no matter how it's couched.

I'm thinking the training of the rag tag Free Syrian Army and the inadequately armed Kurdish Pershmega troops would both be better served, along with the cause, by having our military presence in the neighborhood rather than shipping them off to another country.  We are the ones with the know how.  We should be sharing it; not denying it for an ill advised promise that has now been broken.  I won't argue semantics.  We are at war.  We do have boots on the ground. That being the case, they are in harms way.  There is no way they can be both present and beyond harm.

I do believe time is of the essence.  I understand the need for a strategy though I've yet to see one come into focus.  Too much is being held back. I realize that to eliminate the threat is not something that can be accomplished quickly but the IS forces and their friends must be made to understand that with every beheading or crucifixion or whatever other barbaric means they might employ, we will not be deterred.

The more quickly they understand this the better.  It won't happen by micromanaging and cherry picking.

One thing I do hope for the future is that we've learned it can be disastrous to ignore the reality of what's going on in the world.  Especially if the purpose is strictly political. There is no ideology be it personal or of a group that can trump truth.  Nor should it.


Betty said...

Wouldn't it be nice if Congress would do its duty? They're just out there, hiding in the weeds, afraid if they say anything, they'll lost their precious elections. Cowards, all.

Mari Meehan said...

I agree. Where the heck are they? Sigh. We all know, unfortunately.