Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Head Strong or Head Hidden? Ebola and Beheadings

It seems to me the whole controversy over quarantine policy for people entering the country from what is now being called the Ebola "hot zones" could have been avoided had the President made a decision at the outset.

Forget what the science says.  That hasn't yet been proven and when lives are at stake why not err on the side of caution?  The quarantine accommodations could have been arranged for when the first Doctor was transported to this country. Protocols, procedures and training could have been in place. That would have avoided the tent and surly screeners that so offended returning nurse Kaci Hickox.

Why she didn't understand why it was being done is beyond me and why she thinks she can ignore precautions just because she doesn't feel bad offends me.  It's just such an "up yours" attitude that does put us at risk.

Rather let the degree of quarantine be lessened as it's shown unnecessary rather than trying to ramp it up if it is.  At least the military has it right and poor Chuck Hagel has for once listened to them instead of his commander-in-chief.

Any time something seems unlikely, like Ebola coming to the United States, red flags should be raised every where.  Another example of creeping circumstances comes from a cavalier attitude about the radical Islamic danger to the nation.  Today there was another beheading.  This time in New York, a college professor by her son who then jumped in front of a train.  Was it a terror attack?  I haven't seen that speculation but the young man did have a history of mental problems.

So what's the point? Well, what if it was radicalization? Ignoring the extent of it has been fool hardy as we're seeing. While still few in number there is an increase never-the-less. If the killer was not radicalized then the use of beheading as a way to murder is chilling.  That idea dawns then from publicity rather than ideology which actually could be worse. No matter the cause, pussy footing around the issue of it's existence should not preclude the need for vigilance - especially of those with known mental issues. After all, all extremists have them.

The same goes for the Ebola scare. Ignore precautions at your own peril but don't put me in peril!

Death from either Ebola or beheading is not a pleasant way to die. Cautions put forth and explained by leadership could mean all the difference in the world to anyone stepping out beyond their front door.  Including themselves.

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Betty said...

I agree the nurse was handled all wrong, but she is dead wrong, and selfish to boot, in her refusal to self-isolate. Being a nurse who has been working in this area, she should know she could still show symptoms. So, she needs to calm down and quit whining.

Apparently, the young man who beheaded his mother has been having mental problems for years, and from what I have heard, he might have been influenced by television news showing terrorist be-headings, and decided to try it.

It's a world gone mad, Mari. I can't even bring myself to blog, I get so upset about the way things are going. Maybe after the election, I'll get my head together and make a little sense, and start blogging again.