Sunday, October 05, 2014

Is ISIS Safe From Itself?

I listened to interview with a criminal profiler last night where she was explaining what type of person is actually capable of beheading another.  Especially with a knife the way Jihad John goes about it.

On the positive side, there aren't many though ISIS seems to have more than it's share.  I suggest that's because they have attracted an army of the disenfranchised, misfits  and mentally unbalanced of not only their region but of the world.

It's scary that some do live among us, note the recent beheading in Oklahoma.  She explained that the process itself is not easy when using nothing but a knife, no matter how sharp. I do wonder too if the victims we've been witness to on television have been drugged to some degree.  Granted they are surrounded by armed madmen but the expressions seem void, blank and not even a twitch of resistance. Perhaps it's a state of self hypnosis knowing what's coming.

To do this, however, it was explained that one must be basically dead inside.  No conscience.  No emotion other than the thrill,  the high gotten from the act.  It's hard to imagine such a void in a human body.

It was also explained that the recruiting sites on the Internet don't cater to that side of ISIS and few that join expect to be engaging in that end of it.  It's hard to understand what the appeal may be when this is the only side we see.

The leadership of ISIS, however, has it's group of maniacal thugs and uses them well for their purposes.  What happens, though, when the bombings don't cease and the military action escalates and most importantly when they run out of western  and non-compliant captives?  What will they do to satisfy the blood lust of their self-cultivated monsters?

It would of course be just if they turned against those very ones who have enabled them.  It would only be better if one of those doing the beheading was a woman and she was let loose against al-Baghdadi.

I'll settle for one of the men though.  I cannot imagine any woman, any woman, being capable of such unspeakably cruel violence.

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