Friday, October 31, 2014

November 5 More Scarey Than October 31

I really fear November 5th. We will then know who will be serving in the House and Senate, with maybe a couple of exceptions waiting for a run off, for at least the next two years.

I have no idea how to make an intelligent decision any more.  From the top down it seems no one is willing to take a stand and stick with it what's more explain it.

Take all the issues the President is going to make decisions on after the election.  Immigration.  What to do about ISIS.  The Keystone Pipeline and on and on.

We really have no idea what we'll be getting.  If the incumbents that have been running from Obama are returned than so will their voting practices and nothing will have changed.  If their opponents win will they keep their campaign promises or succumb to party pressures and become one more sheep doing the bidding of even dumber sheep?

I have seen absolutely nothing in this long and dirty campaign season that gives even a hint that somewhere within the myriad of candidates someone actually gets that the voters are not happy.  They parse the problems into silliness like the War on Women.  Please.

One thing they haven't seemed to grasp is that the policies now in place aren't working.  Unemployment is still way up if you do the math properly and factor in those who have left the workforce.  Unwillingly.  That those great job numbers haven't even brought employment up to what it had been when Obama took office.  Nor are salaries. No truth in advertising here.

I could go on and on but suffice it to say I see nothing much changing. If we oppose the President we'll still be racists.  If we oppose his policies we'll still be un-American.  No one can voice a personal opinion any more without being sullied for having it.

As we trivialize domestic issues into no more than name calling and half truths we still have the rest of the world to contend with.  A world that sees us in a continually diminishing light.  Adversaries are taking advantage of every minute of every day as we flounder with a lack of leadership and therefore direction.  If this weren't bad enough the sophomoric insiders have taken to insulting those who once were our allies and even some of our own high level officials.

With the prevailing attitudes we have much to worry about.  So busy are those in high places at strutting our own self-importance, essential details of mere existence are being ignored.

We can hope the new faces that show up in Congress are of a different ilk.  We can hope the pendulum is swinging back to the side of decency, common sense and cooperation. We can hope.
Unfortunately I don't have much. 

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