Monday, October 27, 2014

There Are Good Democrats

There are good Democrats just like there are good Republicans.  I'm banking on it because my ballot this year leans heavily Democratic on the local level.  That's saying something in a predominantly Republican area.

The Republicans here, in large part, have gotten lazy and sloppy and too sure of themselves.  It's time for some change.

That being said, back to the Democrats. It angers me that so many are running from the President's policies only because those policies have become detrimental to election or re-election.  If they were so against said policies why didn't they stand up to be counted when it counted?  We know why.  Fear of repercussion.  This is not a Democratic issue alone.  The Republicans do the same thing in order to get their members to march in lock step.

It's wrong, just plain wrong. It's no way to govern. It is expected these protestations are going to fall on deaf ears and the Republicans will be running both houses of Congress come January.  Will we then see compromise?  Will the new Senate majority leader bring bills to the floor for a vote?  So what if the President vetoes them?  A statement will have been made for which only the President will have to answer.

The President has shown in no uncertain terms he has no interest in leading the government nor the country.  I would wonder why he ran in the first place except the answer is obvious. To leave race out of it I'll leave it at ego.

In that vacuum there will be new opportunity for the parties to come together and find workable answers to our many problems.  Hopefully enough like minded people will be elected to make this possible. I hope it's not just wishful thinking. Ideology still holds too much sway.

It's time too to begin looking and listening to those who have been positioning themselves for 2016.  Who is saying what they really believe versus who is trying to please everyone depending where they are speaking.

When Hillary tells us to not believe that businesses create jobs that would only be the truth if she carried it one step further.  Consumers create jobs because then businesses need to hire to keep up with demand.  That is no where near what she was saying.

That's what happens with candidates who expect to be elected on the strength of soundbites rather than substance.

It's time to start listening.  Let's see if we can do a better job of it than the politicians do.

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