Sunday, November 02, 2014

Strategists Are The Weather Forecasters Of Politics

After all the dust has settled Wednesday morning will we know what we've gotten?  I don't think so.  Otherwise the tight races wouldn't be anywhere nearly as tight.

It's the strategists, stupid! They're just like weather forecasters.  They're so busy looking at their charts and graphs and trends they forget to look out the window.  Sunny and clear all day. Look out the window.  It's pouring!

Not that it's any comfort, but I think it explains a lot.  Why else would Greg Orman, a professed Independent in Kansas, say he would caucus with which ever party wins.  There's a man with convictions!  Which way is the wind blowing?  In circles like a tornado.  It leaves nothing behind but destruction.

The Republicans have been running a stealth campaign.  Why?  Because their strategists say if they say anything their opponents will be able to take shots at them.  I ask, "So what?"  If you believe in something, say so!  As of right now I have no idea what the Republicans believe in.  There aren't enough true Independents running to make a difference and they couldn't anyway unless they formed their own caucus and stuck with it.

As for the Democrats.  They've had the last six years to show that their vision and policies were what's best for the country.  They have been proven mistaken.  Any one can make a mistake.  It becomes problematic that you refuse to admit it and double down rather than admit you didn't get it right and amend the path.

Basically we're left with the blind leading the blind.  The politicians wall themselves off from the wishes of their constituents for the sake of their lucrative careers.  The strategists are too busy with their charts and models to take the real pulse of the public.  They might be surprised to find that where a tsunami, or at least a decent wave, is predicted the truth is the voters don't see it that way.

They've looked at the rising cost of health car, the lack of really good jobs or  the lack of change in their take home pay and the ever increasing cost of essentials and say, "Hey, those Democrats haven't done so well."  Then they look at the Republicans for a new direction and are met with silence.

The politicians may be facing a tsunami all right.  A tsunami of disinterest and resignation.  It isn't apathy.  It's discouragement.  It will be interesting to see what trickles out to the polls. The strategists should look out the window if for no other reason than to save face over the next couple of days.  I think they'll find most people think they're all wet.

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