Friday, November 07, 2014

Women Should Fight Their Own War

I was listening to Condi Rice comment on the liberal use of the race card and was taken by her statement, "I've been black all my life. I don't need anyone to tell me how to be black."

Might the same apply to women, the "victims" of the war on women?  I've been a woman all my life.  I don't need anyone to tell me how to be a woman.  Or what my wants and needs are.  Especially a male zealot.

Okay, I've taken it a bit beyond.  It's time, though, for women to fight their own battles rather than having men do it.  The same goes for abortion.  Why is it the spokespeople ranting about it are usually men? At least the ones who reap the most media attention. Where are the women?  If a single mother, she's the one who has to bear the child, feed it, raise it, educate and clothe it. Let's hear more female voices in the fight.

We don't have the voice?  Nonsense.  If that's true it's because we haven't worked hard enough to get it.  But we're gaining.  According to the Center for American Women in Politics there are 99 women currently serving in Congress.  That number will be increasing next year. Of those 99 women 11 are in leadership roles serving both sides of the aisle.  They also hold 10 committee chairmanships. Four hold state governorships. They need not stay so silent.

So it's not because women aren't electable.  It's because they don't run. I suggest we encourage those with the ambition to take on women's issues head on to run for office. Of course they can't be one issue candidates to succeed but they have to be willing to listen to all sides of an issue and decide the best course of action.  Something that has been missing in male dominated politics.

Does this mean I'm softening my stance on Hillary?  Not one bit. In looking at female Presidential prospects I'd much rather keep my eye on those more like Nikki Haley of South Caroling, Susana Martinez of New Mexico or newcomer Joni Ernst of Iowa. A woman will become President with the right woman at the right time.  There's no need to hurry and end up with less than the best.  We did that with race and it hasn't turned out so well.

I'm hoping we're beyond electing 'personalities'.  We need substance and dedication to the country.  Actually, the right woman would be ideal.  No one can better listen, negotiate and make a decision than a mother. Some would call it nourishing.  It is an inbred trait in women - mother or not.

You ladies who are still young enough, all I can say is go for it! Don't cry uncle and especially don't let a man make that decision for you!


Betty said...

One of the problems is that women simply don't support other women. You see it in the workplace all the time. For example, a woman finally makes it to management level, and never does anything to help the other women in the company. I've seen this for years everywhere I've worked. At least, Hillary takes the time to support other women.

Not that I think she would make a good president. The jury is still out on that, with me.

Word Tosser said...

I taught my daughters that they can do anything they put their minds to... the only thing that will hold them back is... themselves..