Sunday, December 14, 2014

Some People Never Learn

So the Omnibus Bill has finally passed.  I suppose I should take some pleasure in the fact that people from both sides of the aisle tried to stop it but I don't.

The way I see it, it's how government is supposed to work.  Neither side got everything they wanted but both got something.  It's called compromise.

It also means they might actually get some work done next year without the threat of  having to pass continuing resolutions or shutting down the government.

Ted Cruz and his ilk have yet to learn the art of compromise.  They are the obstructionists because, like the President, their modus operandi  is their way or no way.  They think that's what the American people want.  Or so they keep telling us.  This American person doesn't.  I want them to put their heads together and draft legislation that will move the country forward.  Not their personal agendas.

That's what the last election was about.  I am going to be a very unhappy camper with the Tea Party Republicans if they continue obstructing forward movement. I'm already fed up with the "conservatives" on the air who have done nothing but bash McConnell and Boehner since the election.  Give them a chance when they have the power.  Until January they don't and even after, the President still has the final word so expect compromise unless the demands are egregious.
We're going to have to know when  members of Congress are working toward their own ends for 2016 versus working for us. Especially those wanting to bid for the presidency.  Their ideological base may help them in the primaries but they best remember they're supposed to govern for all of us, not just those who share their point of view.

We've had six years of one who has not learned that lesson. I'll be holding those vying for his job to a much higher standard.

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Word Tosser said...

it sicken me and sadden me to see the big companies, especially banking.. get a pass and a free ride.. this is going to be an interesting 2 years... scary actually, hopefully they prove me wrong.. I would love to be wrong