Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As the year draws to a close I look to toward the future hoping for signs that the world situation will improve.  Unfortunately the evidence is lacking while we still negotiate with the rogue state of Iran bringing them ever closer to nuclear capability and have even been told not to discount the possibility of reopening our long closed embassy.

This of course comes from a petulant President who insists on doing things his own way regardless of what the consequences may be.  That is what brought about his "normalizing" relations with Cuba without getting anything in return, releasing known jihadists and piling more regulations on our own energy industries.

The good mixes with the bad with the announcement that Michael Grimm, a now convicted felon, is resigning from Congress.  For those Republicans among us it is bad news because he'll probably be replaced by a Democrat.  It's okay if the Democrat cares about the country first but if another ideologue it will only add to the contentiousness already in Congress.

Then there is the news that Hillary's camp is already trying to dig up dirt on Jim Webb, a potential candidate who is merely exploring the possibility of challenging her.  Why must dirt always be sought rather than burnishing one's own capabilities? Perhaps it's because he is the far more capable of the two.  Do the Clinton's know how to play anything except dirty?

And the ugly.  Al Sharpton.  No one among the power players who have welcomed him into their inner circles have denounced him for what he is.  A racist agitator who doesn't deserve the time of day. Especially from the likes of the President of the United States, the Attorney General and the Mayor of New York City.

Too bad slates are no longer wiped clean at years end but they aren't.  Tomorrow is New Years Eve. New Years Day many will be nursing hangovers or watching football.  When you think about it, neither is the best way to start a new year but I'll take football over the hang over.  Then comes January 2 and everything will be much the same as December 31. Life goes on.  It doesn't miss a beat. There will no doubt be some good, too much bad and way too much ugly.

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