Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mitt Was There - Where Were We?

Where were we when we needed him?  Teeing off about his religion, his wealth, his perfect appearance.  Listening while Candy Crowley contradicted him and our President mocked him.  It has been our loss and we best learn a lesson from it.

I concede he was a poor campaigner.  He wanted to win so badly he took bad advice and was overly cautious when he should have just been himself and not felt apologizing for who he is was necessary.  That's all in the past now.  It's our loss.

I do believe he would have been a far better President than the one we have.  Heck, I would be a better President than the one we have but I don't mean to damn Romney with faint praise.  He didn't achieve all that he has by being no more than a community organizer with a big ego.  He earned it.  He is worldly, economically savvy and understands the world of which we are a part whether we want to be or not.  He would have served us well.  Now he has had the good graces to read polls accurately and has bowed to, hopefully, a younger generation.  If we've traded him for Jeb or Hillary than I think we've learned nothing.

Is there one of the remaining candidates, at this point, that have the combination to offer that Romney had?  I don't think so.  Except for Lindsey Graham, they are all weak in foreign policy.  The governors have experience managing diverse organizations but only a few have knowledge of Washington's ways.  Few if any have hands on business experience.  Few have actual military experience and I dare say first term senators are still feeling their way and at this point are getting attention with mostly flamboyant rhetoric rather than actual ideas.

It's sad, really, that we turned our backs on a man who truly loves our country. The irony of it is he was there when we sorely needed him.  But we couldn't be bothered when he needed us.

Lesson learned? I doubt it.  


Word Tosser said...

The part I had trouble with, was his arrogance.. He had no clue about the common man.. so he couldn't relate.. and his quote, I can't deal with that, I'm here to win this election and got in the car and left.. as for as who to vote for, who to run.. all the names that are being tossed in the circle are old names with so much luggage, that the average person doesn't want to carry for them.. Wish some one would come forward.. but if they are a good person.. they probably get tromped down before they get thru the gates with lies and spins..

Betty said...

I seem to recall that you didn't back Romney when he ran before. He was a poor candidate then and he would be a poor one now.

Mari Meehan said...

He was a poor candidate as I have said but I did back him after he was the nominee because I so did not want Obama to win. I think we've seen being a silver tongued rhetoriticianl as a candidate, however, doesn't mean one is fit for the office for which he is running. I've said before and I'll say again, Romney would have been a better President than he was a candidate and certainly better than Obama.