Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Truth Is Still The Truth

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read that an ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper took an airbrush to the photo of arm linked world leaders to eliminate the women - because it was immodest.

In a less violent sense they are as bad as the terrorists because they see only what they want to see. One dealt with their displeasure with violence.  The other with altering the truth.  The women were in the photograph.  Did they have the right to do it?  Is it free speech?  Whether or not you agree, at least the didn't kill people to show their disapproval.

What made me chuckle though is the thought that any group can hide from others anything but their own belief is absurd.  I can understand, however, why they are so frustrated that they go to extreme means and why they so dislike us.

Their attitudes toward women is the basis for a lot of it.  We are here to propagate the race and serve men.  They will dictate how we dress, where we go, how we will behave, who else can cast eyes upon us and punish us should those casting eyes also feel lust.  It's archaic to say the least. Power to the weaker sex which in this case is the men.

Westerners tthrow frank behavior in their faces without blinking an eye and they despise us for strutting our corruption.  We even try it in this country with our penchant for political correctness.  Words that are eliminated from vocabulary because they are offensive to a really insignificant few.  They are just more vocal than those of us who have better things to do.

Consider too the banning of certain books from our libraries because of their overtly violent or sexual content.  Heaven forbid the children should be exposed to such.  In my experience kids today know more than their parents think they do no no matter how hard the parents try to shield them.  Plus they're learning such things at a younger and younger age thus the number of teen pregnancies and episodes of violence influenced by easy access to violent games.

No matter how hard they try and how grim it gets before it's over, they will not win.  They will have to kill us all because if they don't the truth will seep through the cracks and eventually many who have been lured by false glory will become disillusioned with the depravity for no good end.

Put Angela and the other ladies back in the picture.  They were there and that's the truth.

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