Friday, February 20, 2015

Is Hillary The Inevitable

I've been watching the polls on potential presidential candidates.  I chuckle over the Republicans because in this climate I don't think money is going to run off a lot of them just yet, a lot have yet to emerge, what people want is far different from the last go round and it's far too early for them to be meaningful anyway.

What I'd really like to see is a poll from the Democrats supposing that neither Elizabeth Warren nor Hillary Clinton would be in the mix.  Who would they most like to see run against the Republicans?  Any Republican.

I haven't heard word one.  I really think they need to look at their circumstance.  Warren insists she won't run.  Hillary keeps acquiring baggage that is going to be more and more difficult to shed.  Plus, does she really need two hundred and some odd staffers to tell her what she should think?

I do think she will run.  I don't think her ego will allow her to say no.  But she brings little to the table other than being Hillary and there's a whole lot of us that don't think that's anywhere nearly enough.

So who should challenge her?  The only two names that have surfaced other than Warren are Bernie Sanders and Jim Webb.  Of the two I would seriously look at Jim Webb .

While I would prefer to see a Republican win I'm not naive enough to think the Republicans can't blow this opportunity.  As an alternative I would like to see a Democrat I can live with.  Jim Webb could be the man.

What's the biggest thing he has going for him?  He's been both a Republican and a Democrat.  He has political experience.  He is a highly decorated war hero and best of all he's just ~ well, different. How refreshing would that be?

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Betty said...

I think Warren is serious about not running, and I'm still not convinced that Hillary will run. I don't know why. Jim Webb would be an interesting candidate.

Jeb Bush is trying to amass all the contributions, and cut out the rest of the field, like George W. did. I just don't think we need another Bush in the White House. Nobody needs to build a dynasty.

We'll see what happens.