Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama The Contrarian

I can't help but wonder if Obama is enjoying his loneliness at the top.  He surely doesn't seem like a happy man.  His negativity is depressing.

I have never heard a President mock his opposition party with such regularity or disdain.  It is certainly no way to encourage cooperation but then I don't think he wants cooperation.

If he did he would have signed the Keystone Pipeline bill.  Anyone who has been following the story knows it has been studied to death so his argument that review has yet to be completed is just plain false.  He doesn't want it because the Republicans do. It doesn't matter that some Democrats do also.

So what happens now?  Oil will still move.  By rail.  And with it more accidents like the recent ones in Canada and West Virginia will happen putting lives, homes and his beloved environment in far more danger than would the pipeline.

According to The Wall Street Journal,  Oregon, one of the greenest of states, has approved 6.9 billion in subsidies to expand rail capacity to move oil from the Bakken to barges on the Columbia.  Kansas City Southern is building a rail terminal in Texas to accommodate two 120 car trains, a mile long each, a day.  Ten oil trains a day travel through Philadelphia every day.  And so it goes.  The oil will still move, putting everything in it's path at greater risk than need be.

Polls show people want the Pipeline, the Unions want the pipeline, we know the Canadians want the pipeline yet the President opts to please the Sierra Club. Or the people who make up such organizations hoping they will support his post Presidential quest whatever it may be.

An 8 billion dollar project which would strengthen our energy security, create jobs and increase prosperity is for now in the can. Because the President doesn't want it.  The rest of us be damned.

It is said the President doesn't much like people. Well, more and more people aren't liking him either. No man may be an island but this President has isolated himself from the world and it's all of his own making. I hope he's happy with himself because surely very few others are.  

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