Monday, February 02, 2015

Too Much, Too Soon And Matters Of More Consequence

Does anyone else think it is way too soon to pay attention to front runners in the Republican race?

Just a couple of days ago it was Romney.  He's gone.  Then it was Bush for about 32 seconds.  He's faded.  Now it's Paul Walker who until he gave a speech even people in Iowa didn't know who he is.

The men, and yes they are men rather than women, I'm interested in are at the I won't count it out stage and we're hearing little if anything from them.  That's just fine with me for a couple of reasons.

One it cuts down on the amount of time the Democrats will have to manufacture dirt and two, maybe the electorate won't be tired of them by the time the real race comes around.  Actually I hope there are some outliers in the Democrat Party too.  Any face other than Hillary and Biden would be a fresh face and one can hope with it would come with some fresh ideas too.  I have trouble believing every Democrat is wedded to Hillary though the current polls suggest this is in fact the case.

Back to the Republicans.  I don't understand why those who create disruption within party ranks don't understand the harm it does to their over all goals.  Or don't they really have any?  They are everything in themselves that they accuse the Democrats of being.  Obstinate to a fault.

Oh well, I'm not going to be following the rise and fall of potential candidates just yet.  I'm more interested in  what's going on in the world and how we're going to handle the turmoil. That's where the real concern is and unlike many of the candidates, it's not going to fade.

So, to the media, go ahead and continue to play enabler to the childish game of electoral politics.  The rest of us will find enough sources to keep informed about the real world - the one where the only game being played is which terrorist faction can make the U.S. look its worst.

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