Saturday, February 07, 2015

Why, Brian?

Let's see, what do the headlines bring this morning?  Bruce Jenner has now chosen his new name - Belinda.  Rosie O'Donnell is divorcing her second wife and leaving The View.  Brian Williams lied about...  What?

So do I think he should go?  Yes.  There is no more sacred trust than in truth in the media.  Since our government makes a habit of lying to us who else do we have to sort it out?

Okay, we know that except for FOX the media is the President's lap dog even though it's traditional for administrations to hate the press.  Talk about hypocrisy!

We know there is no more news, merely sound bites telling us little if anything.  Couldn't we at least expect those sound bites be based on fact? None of the network news anchors really appeal to me though I did watch Brian Williams for years.  I moved away from NBC because of their ethical problems that aren't anything new.  David Muir over at ABC is too frenetic for me.  It's as if he's in turbo mode to get in even more sound bites.  Scott Pelley, who I watch most often these days, is so slow and measured I have trouble staying awake.  The substance is the same no matter.  Lacking.  It's why I read a lot.

I never would have expected a man like Brian Williams to feel the need to aggrandize himself.  Hillary dodging bullets.  Yes.  She has made a career of trying to make us think she is something she isn't.  But Brian Willliams?  He had it all!

I don't think anything can remove the stain of doubt that has now been created.  He should do the honorable thing and resign.  But will he?  If he does there might still be a smidgen of integrity left.  If he doesn't and holds out for a huge settlement, there isn't.  It just would show he wants to get as much as he can before being fired or forced out.

A bit of research shows his net worth to be between 30 and 40 million dollars.  With some prudent budgeting he should be able to ease into retirement without much pain.  Maybe he could pick up a few extra bucks by giving his daughter acting lessons.  He lies well and she could use some help after her performance in Peter Pan.

Snarkyness aside, he really should go.  If NBC keeps him it just reinforces their already questionable reputation and it should reinforce to the news watching public that what comes out of an anchors mouth isn't necessarily the truth any more than what you read on the Internet.

 Why couldn't it have been news about some great altruistic act rather than self aggrandizement?  Is it really so egregious that he needs to go?  Yes.  The public trust has been breached.  Unlike the President who has immunity from the consequences of lying, a news anchor does not.   Nor should he.  

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