Friday, April 10, 2015


So we're now supposed to address Mrs. Clinton as Madam Secretary or Senator when referring to her.  No more Hillary.

Personally I would think she'd like Hillary.  After all it puts her in league with Oprah, Madonna or Cher.  Personalities so famous in their own right no last name is needed.

What?  It isn't respectful enough? After all she's running for President, not just a show biz personality.  Huh.  Hillary it is for me and always will be.

How can you take seriously a person who is going to announce her candidacy by Twitter?  Please.  What are we devolving to?  Is she going to be a stealth campaigner just as she has been a stealth pre-campaigner tease?

Is she going to make all her views on policy in tweets?  140 words?  Boy, that would really be laying out well defined positions.

Okay.  Whatever.  I don't want to see Hillary Clinton as President. Period. Because she doesn't deserve it and being a woman isn't enough.  We gave one inexperienced candidate the benefit of huge doubts and look at what we have.  I don't want to see a trend of overlooking doubts as the way we choose our candidates.  I want their positions to be clear, truthful and what the candidate actually believes, not what a cast of 200 or more tells  them. Whether you agree or not at least there would be no doubt where they stand.

We've also spent the last 6+ years with a President who is loose with the truth.  Do we want that again? I don't and I see no proof  from Mrs. Clinton that her truthfulness scale is any higher than Obama's.  Truth as expedience should not be a position.

C'mon O'Malley, Webb, Cuomo and the rest of you who think you should bow to Hillary's mandate that you not run against her. She deserves the challenge you would give her and so does your country.  I'd like to rely on the Republicans to know how to play the hand given them but so far I don't see evidence of that as a possibility.  Sad but true.  Maybe they'll surprise me.

Would I like to see a woman President?  Why not?  But there are far more important things necessary to be Presidential material.  Being a woman isn't one any more than being black was for Obama.  It worked for him in his community.  I hope woman aren't as biased and realize that this is not the time for a woman if it isn't the right woman.

Hillary isn't.  Trust me on that.  You sure can't trust her.

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