Friday, April 24, 2015

Random Thoughts

I got sidetracked as I was beginning to prepare for this post.  I could not find a group photo of the expected Republican candidates that included Carly Fiorina! That irked me to a degree.

Wow, look at all those people. For the Democrats, there is of course only one no matter how tarnished.  Wishful thinkers, however, are hoping at least one or two of the others get in the race.  There is one I would actually consider voting for.  Strongly.  Jim Webb.  No one else thinks he would have much of a chance but I am never sure the pundits who make such pronouncements are really all that savvy.

The Republicans are getting the most attention at the moment if you discount the Clinton scandals.  The talk seems to be mostly about their coming out parties.  Bashes.  Lots of supporters and cheering in a filled hall of appropriate dimensions.  Except for the only woman, Ms. Florina, who plans a low key on line announcement much like Hillary's though she's made it perfectly clear she's in.

The major thing lacking in all of the hoopla is talk of positions and policy.  I'm uncomfortable with broad strokes of the brush.  Always a lot of words with little actually being said.

One thing Carly Fiorina has said is that she'd reinstitute the missile defense system in eastern Europe that Obama killed and that she would rebuild the 6th fleet. Both strong defensive moves meant to forewarn the likes of Putin that someone new and strong is in charge.

One of the criticisms about her is she's never held elective office.  My thought on that is the ones who have aren't doing such a great job themselves. She'll be interesting to watch.

True, it's early.  Very early. But since everyone is throwing their hat in early I'd like to see them defining their positions rather than their campaign strategies. We all know their all going to be dirty at some point in time anyway.

Well, Carly and Ben Carson are due in May 4th and the rest will straggle in as time and money raising potential proves appropriate.

In the meantime, if we get bored, we can pay attention to the nuclear talks with Iran or the nuclear meltdown of the Clinton empire.

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