Friday, April 03, 2015

The Gays And Evangelicals Both Need To Watch Their Step

Just as Gays are gaining acceptance throughout the country they shoot themselves in the foot.  Of course in some cases so do the Evangelicals.

It's not that they want certain rights but more how they're going about it. The same with the blacks. If anyone looks at them cross eyed their either racist, homophobes or anti-religion. Bull!

First, I wonder why anyone would want someone to bake their wedding cake, do their flowers or take their photos at their wedding if said person doesn't want to - for whatever reason.  If it's against their strongly held religious beliefs why shouldn't they have the right to decline?  Why should the Gays have the right to demand they go against those beliefs.

If they're not careful they're going to have even more people opposed to them then they do now.  In this country we're supposed to have freedom of choice.  Not have someone say I can do what I want as long as it's something they agree with or have to put up with being publicly smeared or even receive death threats for having a different point of view?  It's disgusting.

It shows, too, how civility and tolerance is becoming a thing of the past.  Everyone wants their own way and everyone else has to go along with it.  All it does is build resentment which leads to even more intolerance.

Personally I don't care if a person is gay or not.  I don't care if a person is black, brown, yellow or polka dot.  I don't care if a person is a born again, a Catholic, a Jew or a worshipper of the great outdoors.  Just don't get in my face and try to force feed me your beliefs. It's the quickest way to make me change from being non-judgemental to being very judgmental.  With that you'd lose my support and my friendship.  Put enough of us together you'll lose everything you've fought so hard to get - acceptance.  You're call.  Not everyone will cave to belligerance as easily as politicians.  

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Well said, Mari